The Female Entrepreneurship Adventure!

The Female Entrepreneurship Adventure!

The Female Entrepreneurship Adventure!

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“Don’t just stand for the success of other women – insist on it.” – Gail Blanke, President and CEO, Lifedesigns

Being a business owner gives me a sense of independence, the freedom and flexibility to move my business whenever the military tell us it is time to move. Most importantly, it gives me the opportunity to stay home with my daughters. I'm sure the reason women are choosing and sticking with entrepreneurship vary. I can't speak for all entrepreneurial women but the statistics show that more and more women are choosing to experience freedom, financial independence, to make a difference, create jobs and much more.

The National Women’s Business Council’s website has these exciting and inspirational statistics: • There are 7.8 million women-owned businesses in the United States. This reflects a 20.1% increase from 2002 to 2007. • Women-owned firms make up 28.7% of all nonfarm businesses across the country and generate $1.2 trillion in total receipts. • A full 88.3% of these firms are non-employer firms. • The remaining 11.7% of the firms have paid employees, employing a total of 7.6 million people across the country with a payroll of $217.6 billion. These employer firms have average receipts of $1.1 million. Amazing, isn’t it? It’s refreshing and gratifying to see these numbers because it is the reality of many of our sisters who contribute to the economy as business owners. There are over 7.8 million women-owned businesses in the USA, YES 7.8 million!

Do you know what that means? It means that millions of our sisters said YES to entrepreneurship. YES to pursuing their goals. YES to sharing their mission and vision with their customers/clients. If your goal is to become a business owner, my advice is GO FOR IT GIRLFRIEND! Develop a plan, break down the steps and stick to your goals. There are so many resources for women entrepreneurs. If I started Kallie Shoes from my laundry room, I know you can do it too. Now, the entrepreneurship road comes with responsibilities, risks, big adventures, disappointment BUT a big satisfaction in knowing you went for it and you are working on it! As a female entrepreneur you can share your passion with your customers. You can empower other women.

You might make mistakes, but you are able to learn from them and YOU have the option to share that experience. If you still have doubts about whether entrepreneurship is for you or not, just keep this in mind…IF IT WAS EASY, ANYBODY WOULD DO IT! GO FOR IT!!!