Memorial Day- No big sale from Kallie Shoes, here's why...

Memorial Day- No big sale from Kallie Shoes, here's why...

Memorial Day- No big sale from Kallie Shoes, here's why...


As a military spouse, I have deep appreciation for our men and women in uniform and their families. Kallie Shoes is dedicating Memorial Day weekend to raise awareness about what this painful holiday for many is all about. After 13 years of war, most of us know someone who has served in the military, someone who is currently serving in the military, someone who was wounded, or someone who made the ultimate sacrifice. There’s also a chance that you came across a homecoming video in YouTube, where you can see families reuniting after long months of being apart. However, that is not the reality for thousands of families because many parents, wives, husbands, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, and friends did not get their service member back. Memorial Day is the day we honor the sacrifice of those men and women. Memorial Day is also a celebration of the legacy of these men and women who gave their lives to protect our freedom. This holiday is also a good time to show our gratitude to Gold Star families and let them know that even though their loved ones are gone, they are not forgotten. One of these families is The Stewart Family. SSGT David Stewart was killed in action on June 20th, 2014. He was a devoted husband, father, son, brother, friend, and an outstanding Marine. I met his beautiful wife when my family and I were stationed in South Carolina. Krissy and I shared stories about our time as volunteers, our experiences as military spouses, and graduate school. It was a painful moment to find out the tragic news of SSGT Stewart’s death; I simply couldn’t imagine Krissy and her family dealing with this tragic loss. See, Krissy has touched so many lives because of her strength and grace. It is so easy to tell that those around her look up to her because we all know we need more people like her in this world. I invite you to take a look at these pictures and watch this video…This is what Memorial Day is all about. As you enjoy this weekend’s festivities, please keep families like Krissy’s in your thoughts and prayers.


Krissy- I wish you and your children nothing but happiness and joy, your sweet personality has made a big impact in the lives of many, including my own. Never lose that beautiful smile, and thank you for allowing me to share these pictures and your story.

To our customers: Kallie Shoes is not participating in any Memorial Day sales or savings, thank you for understanding.

 “All gave some; some gave all.” 

-The Kallie Shoes Staff