Hello everyone! We’ve been in business for over a year, and thanks to a question we received, we realized we never disclosed more information about who makes our shoes and where they are made. As some of you know, our shoes are handcrafted in Mexico.

Why Mexico? I am Mexican-American, and I wanted to find a way to contribute to both economies somehow. However, it is our ultimate goal to have our shoes made in the USA in the future. Our shoes are manufactured in two  small shops in Mexico; one is in Guadalajara and one is in Mexico City. Both shops are properly registered with all local and federal government agencies to hire personnel, manufacture the products, and employees are compensated according to the Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare, Mexico. This organization supervises the implementation of labor regulations, and it ensures companies adhere these regulations. Both shops are family owned. In order for both businesses to export to the United States under NAFTA, extensive paperwork must be filled out, products must undergo an inspection, export/import paperwork must be completed. Furthermore, our shoes also go through another inspection once they reach the USA border, and it can take hours and sometimes day before the product is liberated to the shipping carrier.

Who makes our shoes? Our shoes are made by a group of talented artisans. Our original mission was to have our shoes made by women for women. However, as our company continues to grow and expand to wholesale and distribution operations to the UK and Latin America, we understand that skilled labor from men and women will be needed to grow our company and brand presence. It is our sincere hope that our company continues to create fair and ethical jobs for talented individuals who contribute to our brand here at home and abroad.

How do we monitor our production facilities? The manufacturing shops are properly equipped with emergency exits, proper work space, and employees are treated with dignity and respect. Their work hours consist of Monday through Friday, 40 hours a week. Any type of businesses that is properly established in Mexico must undergo an inspection to ensure the work area is suitable for the employees. Also, quarterly inspections happen at both shops to ensure the continue to follow ethical businesses practices. Our company does not support the employment of children or sweatshops in any possible way. As part of our social mission, Kallie Shoes does not use leather or any animal products in the manufacturing of our shoes. We are currently PETA Approved Vegan. We also donate 10% of our profits to wounded veterans from the Semper Fi Fund. Make it a great day!


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