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Did you know that millions of women in third world and developing countries have never had a new pair of shoes? YES! It is a sad reality of many of our sisters. What can we do about it? I’ll tell you, but first let me share a quick story… As you know, our shoes are hand-crafted, cruelty-free and we donate a percentage of our profits to the Semper Fi Fund. We however make donations of shoes to women in need. Back in December, Random Acts of Kindness were being done in honor of Ilana. Ilana is an adorable 9-year-old who was recently diagnosed with pediatric thyroid cancer. I met Ilana’s Mom about 10 years ago in a support group for military spouses. In honor of Ilana, I offered a donation of new shoes to any charity in Africa. Then, things got mysteriously interesting! Amanda mentioned just a couple of days later that one of her friends who collaborates with a ministry in Uganda was coming to the USA, and he could take two 50lb suitcases with shoes. BINGO! My donation was 100 pairs of shoes, and they were the PERFECT fit for those two suitcases. The shoes were sent to Florida where Mr. P (Amanda’s friend) picked them up and took them back home to Uganda. Somehow, his ministry had already planned an event for the ladies to get pedicures! YES, but now they would be getting pedicures & new shoes too.

Coincidence? I don’t think so J God and the universe made it all happen. The timing was perfect, Amanda’s friend was there, and FedEx even delivered the box on time ;) Part of our brand’s identity is to empower other women. At Kallie Shoes, we truly believe in the importance of celebrating other women’s achievements, hard work, dedication to their families, careers, different causes and/or any calling in life. The pictures that you are about to see are because of our customers, you have made it all happen. We have shared our mission with you, and you joined us and have helped us to bring so many smiles…We delivered smiles all the way to Uganda, Africa.

Your support and loyalty has also helped us to make donations to wounded veterans of the Semper Fi Fund. My hope is that these pictures make you smile as much as they made me, and hey if you feel them tears too, set them free. My most sincere thank you for your support, loyalty and for believing in our brand and what we stand for. Enjoy these lovely pictures, follow link for more…

 Click to see more pictures To follow Ilana’s journey, you can join the Warrior’s for Ilana Group.

To learn more about Kyampisi Childcare Ministry, please visit their Facebook page. xx -N ~

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