Artisans & Fashion

Artisans & Fashion

Artisans & Fashion

Well, hello there! 


I'm sure you know that technology and social media have given us access to endless information about where our clothes, shoes, food and accessories come from. When Kallie & Co. launched in 2014; we knew we wanted to present not only quality to our customers but also tell a story. Our products have been made by talented artisans since day one, and that is part of our identity and niche as some call it.

I read not long ago that millennials are big fans of artisan everything, shoes, bread, cheese, sandwiches, clothing. True? Perhaps, but I do know one thing…Consumers are starting to pay more attention where everything comes from, at least a large percentage of millennials are.

At Kallie & Co. we take pride in having our products handcrafted; we strive to employ people not machines. A little old school? Maybe. We prefer to call it job and opportunity creation. Part of what we do is empower fellow women with our brand, with jobs, products, donations and encouragement when needed…So creating jobs and opportunities sounds fitting to the Kallie & Co. Gang!


Here’s why we love working with Artisans and why our crew rocks!


-Handcrafted products support skilled labor.
-Handcrafted products help build communities and support families.
-Employment NOT exploitation of talented folks around the world.
-Because of the attention to detail, quality rocks!
-Can’t deny it, handcrafted products are very popular right now.
Handcrafted products usually come from social mission drive companies, YES LIKE OURS!
-Tradition and telling a story of centuries of tradition and knowledge.
-More environmentally sustainable


Whether you are familiar with handcraftsmanship or not, it is worth giving it a chance and seeing for yourself.  Are yah ready? Stop by and check us out! 


 The Kallie & Co. Team