Kallie & Co Featured on BuzzFeed 🎉🔥✨

Kallie & Co Featured on BuzzFeed 🎉🔥✨

Kallie & Co Featured on BuzzFeed 🎉🔥✨

Hi all! 

It's been a while since I've written a blog post! Life can get so hectic when you least expected. 

Having lost the company to a natural disaster back in 2017 to surviving a global pandemic, sharing this feels so deep and personal.
As a business owner, you work and work and hope that one day something will click and the magic will start happening.

Life post-pandemic looks so different for many of us. For instance, I closed my offices and warehouse and transferred everything to a fulfillment center. It was so difficult because I liked the personal touch of writing those handmade notes, but then I realized that part of thriving, not just surviving, requires us to do uncomfortable things.
It turns out that outsourcing the fulfillment center was a great choice; automating a lot of our marketing efforts was too. After all, e-commerce requires a lot of automation.

One day, the store showed so many visitors at once, and I noticed the referral link: BUZZFEED! I went straight to Google looking for answers, and voila! The first feature was there. Kallie & Co was featured some more times, and that brought us new customers, new wholesale partners, and a big push to keep growing.

happy news

Somedays it doesn't feel real, I'm still over the moon! Out of millions of brands, this giant noticed us! 

Check out the BuzzFeed features below 😍  

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Check out some of our latest arrivals and restocks! The Oxford designs continue to sell so fast!  

 Thank you for giving us a chance to serve you and your business. We are more shoes coming up this spring and summer too.