Eryn- Family and Entrepreneurship & Baby OK!

Eryn- Family and Entrepreneurship & Baby OK!

Eryn- Family and Entrepreneurship & Baby OK!

Hi everyone! 

All stories we've shared have such a deep and powerful story, this story is not the exception. Meet Eryn! If you are thinking about starting your own business, if you need help with social marketing, app development ideas, Eryn is your girl!  Eryn Vargo is a social entrepreneur from Orlando, Florida; she's also a wife & mother of 4. Creator of Baby OK, an app that helps prevent child vehicular heatstroke deaths, Founder of the Diaper Bank of Central Florida, Owner/Merchandiser of an online jewelry boutique that raises funds for the diaper bank and Baby OK, and owner of Moms Give Back, a website dedicated to businesses that give back, encouraging “Shopping with Purpose." 


Eryn & Barbara Corcoran in NYC earlier this year.

1. You worked in the corporate world for many years. What made you pursue entrepreneurship? 

During my corporate career, I always had a sense of entrepreneurship. I treated my “job” as my own company and after many years of making my company very successful, I decided it was time to be the boss of my own life. I wanted to have a greater impact on my family and society. 


2. What is one of the biggest challenges you’ve encountered as an entrepreneur? 

Honestly, entrepreneurship is one HUGE challenge all the way around. Doing everything by myself is so rewarding, yet so difficult. The fact that I didn't have to pay someone to do my websites was awesome and I got to learn how to do it. But, the time that I had to invest in that was taking away from other things. Entrepreneurship is a constant struggle like that. 


3. Do you think it’s possible to achieve a level of balance at home while growing your businesses? If so, what are your tips for our audience members interested in pursuing entrepreneurship? 

Balance is BS. It doesn't exist and if anyone tells you it does, they are blind or lying. As mothers, we tend to do more (thats a proven fact), so being at home while trying to launch and grow a business is very challenging. Doable, but sacrifices are constantly being made b/c of the fact that there is no balance. You just have to take it one day at a time. Have a list and break it down- home/business/personal. Have one major task that you want to accomplish daily and ALWAYS do the hardest thing FIRST. Once you cross that of the list, everything else will seem like a walk in the park. When you need a mental break, do the dishes or laundry and in my case, I tend to the baby. I squeeze in as much as I can while he is napping b/c once he is up, all bets are OFF! I do a lot at night while kids are in bed too.

4. Do you have any favorite resources (books, podcasts, websites, gadgets) you can recommend to aspiring entrepreneurs? 

I LOVE self help books & books about manifesting. They are inspiring and encouraging. I am also a notepad addict. I have them everywhere. My mind is always racing and I am always coming up with new ideas, so having notepads everywhere helps me to clear the clutter out of my brain. I love FREE (as I am sure everyone else does too), so I use websites that allow me to create marketing pieces for free. Canva is my favorite. There are also a ton of websites like Pexels, that allow you to use the images for free. Just a helpful tool when you are working off of a shoestring budget. I also use Wix for my websites because it is so user friendly….I have built all of my sites myself. 


5. Do you have a role model? If so, tell us about him/her. 

I admire and look up to Barbara Corcoran. I love how down to earth and witty she is, coupled with her no nonsense and go getter attitude. Reminds me of ME! She overcame a lot of obstacles to get where she is and her drive, determination and desire to be “Queen of NY real estate” manifested itself…I love her story and I love how raw she is. Definitely a woman of worth. 


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