How Tragedy Affected Kallie & Co. Read the Update

How Tragedy Affected Kallie & Co. Read the Update

How Tragedy Affected Kallie & Co. Read the Update

Hey there, 

If you are a subscriber, one of our social media followers, you have either purchased from us or have showed interest in our brand before. We couldn’t be happier to have you on board to share this adventure with us. In an effort to be transparent with our community, we need to share what we've dealt with over the past 2+ months and the future of our company. 
As some of you know, our products are handcrafted in Mexico, and one of our manufacturing shops was severely affected by the earthquake back in September. Before going any further, please know that all of our teammates are safe, alive, as well as their families. Thankfully, they were able to evacuate the building on time. All we suffered were material losses, which can be replaced. Our anticipated move across country plus this tragedy were major setbacks for our company. While difficult, we had to pull back inventory that we were supposed to present to you this fall/winter season due to the loss of material. The easiest way out would’ve been to close and take inventory of loses. Instead, we regrouped, we prayed for the safety of our teammates, and kept on fighting. Here we are back online; Kallie & Co. 🙏🏼
Tragedies like this one, so unexpected, so devastating can certainly bring anyone to their knees in tears and fear…It happened to me. Fear of losing something I had built with the support of a great team, and support of our community. Our manufacturing and business operations are now based out of Yucatan and Veracruz in South Mexico while we rebuild our Mexico City facility. Scroll down to meet some of the new faces of artisans we are happy to work with!  This tragedy has changed the course of our company which we are lucky to share with you, our community.

We invite you to browse our new designs, and if you are up for it share our page with your tribe! 🤗

Meet some of our new artisans...



With deepest gratitude 

The Kallie & Co. Staff