Reasons to Support Small Businesses this Holiday Season 🎄

Reasons to Support Small Businesses this Holiday Season 🎄

Reasons to Support Small Businesses this Holiday Season 🎄

I know that the United States is the land of opportunities because, as an immigrant, I have witnessed these opportunities first-hand. 

I started school in the USA at age 16 as a senior in high school and did not speak English to own two companies that I started with my savings and bootstrapping. 

As a business owner, I have also hoped that my friends and family support me in this endeavor. Some have, some have not. This is where the reality of business ownership quickly kicks in. Once your immediate community of family and friends support you or not, it's time to connect with the audience out there. 

I have experienced how the Fair Trade community has stood behind me to support Kallie & Co. However, it's always a blessing to connect with new customers and share our love for Fair Trade. 

If you are a consumer, I hope these facts I'll mention below convince you that shopping small is a great idea. If you're a fellow business owner, my hope is that you have a great holiday season, and the effects of COVID-19 are slowly fading away.

Here's why it's great to support small businesses: 

  1. Small businesses in the US employ 47.3% of the American workforce. (Source: Small Business Trends)
  2. An impressive 82% of small businesses provide on-the-job training for their employees. (Source: NSBA)
  3. The pandemic forced 35% of small business owners to use their personal savings to stay afloat.  (Source: CNBC)
  4. They make a positive impact on the local economy (Source: Shopify Blog). 
  5. They are often sustainable shopping alternatives. Hello Kallie & Co. Shoes! (Source: Shopify Blog). 
  6. You'll most likely support original concepts and products! 


Shopify shared excellent gift ideas to support Small Businesses

Kuddos and credit to Dayna Winter for putting this great list together! 😍 Small Business Shopping made easier! Say hi to her on Instagram.