The Journey of an Immigrant & Military Spouse to the Facebook Small Business Council

The Journey of an Immigrant & Military Spouse to the Facebook Small Business Council

The Journey of an Immigrant & Military Spouse to the Facebook Small Business Council

When I get asked where Kallie & Co., was born I like to take a few minutes to think about the answer. I can trace it all the way back to my childhood in a tiny village in Sinaloa, Mexico. The idealism of goal achievement, hard work, and persistence can be traced back to my roots in Agua Verde, Mexico a village with about 1,000 people, 1 kindergartner, 1 elementary school, 1 middle school, and two small high schools, 0 hospitals. That’s where the core values that make Kallie & Co., were born. 

The second aspect of what makes Kallie & Co., what it is, an e-commerce business with Cruelty-Free, Fair Trade and Ethically Made values + a philanthropic touch come from the time I emigrated to the United States as a teenager. Although I understand not everyone’s experiences have been the same, I decided to focus on what I immediately saw…The opportunities, the choices, and the freedom.


The third aspect of the company comes from the 11+ years as a Marine Corps spouse, and that is resiliency. My husband and I come from a generation of military families where back to back deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan were the norm. Where before he came home from a deployment, we already knew he was going back. Our oldest daughter was only three years old, and he had been deployed half of her life. What gets you through when you say good bye to your spouse not knowing if you will ever see him again? Resiliency, strength, and my God a whole lot of prayers.

Those qualities + faith are what has allowed me to build a portable company that can come with me whenever we have had to relocate due to our lifestyle. During this journey, we have faced many ups and downs. The latest one we had was the earthquake in Mexico, and it caused us to not bring our fall/winter collection and severe loses. However, soon after something truly incredible happened…Facebook noticed Kallie & Co. When we received the email, Justine and I thought it was a spam message and I was more than ready to delete it. I thought it was a prank!

So little did I know that new doors and opportunities were on their way, new friendships too.

Months ago, you could have found me on the floor crying, wondering where to next and most importantly…how? It truly felt like rock bottom, an expression my husband did not appreciate. He somehow knew I had the strength and grit to move forward, all I had to do was stop feeling sorry for myself and open to new opportunities.


What’s next for Kallie & Co? SO MUCH! Things that I will gladly share with you in the upcoming weeks. One thing I can share with you right now, I feel thankful and grateful for the opportunities, for the support I have received in the last few months…Which is why Kallie & Co., will honor the Semper Fi Fund with a Gratitude Bash. I personally wanted them to be the recipient of 100% of our profits from this event because they’ve been there since day 1 when Kallie & Co first launched. As a Marine Corps family, our family has the deepest gratitude and respect for the Semper Fi Fund and what they stand for. The Gratitude Bash will consists of Kallie & Co., donating 100% of the profits to the Semper Fi Fund from March 15th-March 18th. Our support doesn’t stop there, as we will continue donating a percentage of our profits to the Semper Fi Fund.

With gratitude, 




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