When ending a relationship is the right thing to do...

When ending a relationship is the right thing to do...

When ending a relationship is the right thing to do...

 Even the most beautiful of relationships have a certain level of complexity, chaos and conflict. I think that’s every relationship. If you only see the perfect on social media, please know that’s a big lie. Event those couples praising each other have had rough times, BELIEVE ME.

But, what happens when a you’ve done your best, you’ve worked so hard at it and still things don’t work out? I’m not talking about just a romantic relationship, I am talking about friendships, partnerships, extended family relationships too.

In one of the many motivational videos I watch, Tyrese Gibson said “Some people come into your life for a reason and others for a season.” This means that you don’t have to stay in unhappy, abusive, one-way-street relationships. If you’ve done it all, tried it all, or even if you simply don’t feel like keep trying it is OKAY to walk away. It is okay to end things. 

I’ve personally dealt with big loss since I started my company, friendships have ended, certainly relationships have been hurt and ended. The breaking news is…I am fine, I have survived. It was not easy, but I understood that sometimes things just don’t work out. 

Here are some tips I have used to continue thriving even after dealing with those losses. I hope they help! 

  • Take responsibility. Were you at fault? If so, own it, forgive yourself and move on.
  • Understand that people change and perhaps there was no more room for you. That is okay.
  • Mourn the loss. This is so important and crucial. Don’t put it in the back of your head, cry about it, write about it, and accept that at some point you’ll be ready to move on.
  • Grow from it. Take the good with you, and learn from the bad and challenging times.
  • Accept that certain individuals are not good for you. Relationships can get toxic, hurtful, and a one-way-street. What’s one-way-street anyway? It’s a relationship where you only give give and don’t get anything back. Or a relationship where you only take and take and you don’t contribute anything in return.
  • Finally, respect people’s decisions if you are no longer welcome into their lives.


You know the catchy phrase “it’s not you, it’s me?” Sometimes it’s true. Sometimes people deal with chaos, hate, jealousy and stress in ways they can’t compromise to certain relationships. That is OKAY!

Have you had to end a relationship and it hurt so bad, but you knew it was the right thing to do? Share in the comments below how you managed to thrive and move on!

Hugs from the hang, and remember… Never stop loving yourself. You only get one shot in this life.



Kallie & Co. Team

P.S “Some people come into your life for a reason and others for a season.” <--That is okay! 


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