Do you surround yourself with the right People?

No Negatrons Allowed !!! Also known as... "Energy Vampires"
By Barry Gottlieb
Author, Speaker, Trusted Advisor
Who or what is a "Negatron"? They are everywhere. You can find them at work, at play, at social events, or almost anywhere you go.
Negatrons are people that focus on the bad, the negative, the worst of times. They are fault finders.They are the people that like to criticize, condemn and complain... all the time.
Negatrons are modern day 'energy vampires'. They like to suck the fun and excitement about life out of you, and draw you into their world of apathy and mediocrity.
They are intent on keeping you down because it makes them feel better knowing that they are not alone. They follow the belief that "misery loves company".
Negatrons want you to work less, try less, achieve less and enjoy life less. They behave this way because it makes them feel better to know that there are others, just like them, that choose the path of least resistance. Negatrons are unhappy about their lives, they have low self-esteem, and they look for reasons outside of themselves for why their lives are unfulfilled. They would rather blame someone or something else for their misery rather than take ownership and responsibility for who and what they are.
You Are Better Than This!!! Follow these action steps...
  • Be Aware... Steer clear of Negatrons!
    • Take an inventory of the people you choose to hang around with. Are they Winners?
    • Take out your mobile phone... look at the last ten people you had contact with... are they winners or Negatrons?
    • Do they celebrate the good... the positive... the best of times?
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: You can't change your friends. But, you can change your friends.
    • Associate with friends and colleagues that build you up, rather than put you down or shut you down.
    • Think... Act... and Behave like a Winner!
    • Help make others Winners, too.
    • Be a positive influence.
    • Build a positive peer group that takes you to new heights.
    • Look for and share positive stories and insights with others.
    • Avoid the negative influence of the media.
    • Read, watch, or listen to something inspirational, motivational, educational, or spiritual... every day.
    • Find mentors and coaches that help you achieve your true potential.
    • Be a Positron!!!... and then pass it forward.
Remember... Every day is a gift, and the quality of your life is your gift to yourself.

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