What Are Your Obstacles?

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TGIT... Thank God It's Today Volume #376 / February 2nd, 2015
By: Barry Gottlieb, Author, Speaker, Advisor. What Are Your Obstacles? What are you going to do about them?
In these challenging times, more and more people are frozen by their fears, doubts and limiting beliefs.
I look at these as obstacles. Yes, obstacles to our happiness and success.
What makes matters worse is that everywhere we turn we are bombarded with more of these obstacles. Whether it is the media or at the office water cooler; it seems that everyone is focused on sharing negative information.
If you continue to subject yourself to all of these negative obstacles, how do expect to enjoy your life?
You don't have to participate in this paralyzing game. You deserve better! You actually do have a choice. I say... Enough, no more. I say it is time to take back your life, your happiness, your joy; the life that you deserve.
Starting right now, make the choice to focus on the good, the positive, the best of times.
Remove the obstacles of doubt, fear and limiting beliefs. Turn off the news. Tell your friends you only want to hear about the good things that are happening in their lives.
Share with them the things that you are grateful for, and ask them to do the same thing.
Be a solution finder! Celebrate your life!
Celebrate Life Action Steps...
  • Avoid the news, say "No" to television, radio, and negative publications
  • Don't condemn, criticize or complain... become a solution finder instead
  • Get rid of the "Negatrons" in your life
  • Look for and share stories about positive people and events
  • Share them with your family and friends
  • Have an attitude of gratitude
  • Read something inspirational, educational, or spiritual each day
  • Replace your limiting beliefs and fears with new, positive, empowering beliefs
  • Take ownership of your life, seize the moment!
Remember... Every day is a gift, and the quality of your life is your gift to yourself.

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