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Posted on February 08 2015

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So, I am 30 years old now! I remember being a teenager, and boy was I afraid of the big 3-0! However, now that I crossed that mark, I realized that I wasn’t afraid of the number I was afraid of the road ahead of me. Although my 20’s weren’t easy, it certainly was my adventurous decade. During my 20’s, I became a mother, wife, college graduate, and I started Kallie Shoes LLC. Now that I am 30, I have new goals, bigger risks, new adventures to go for, and many more things I wish to accomplish. If you follow the Kallie Shoes blog, then you probably noticed that I started sharing some aspect of my personal life. I often receive e-mails from customers asking if it was difficult to start the company, if it is difficult being a military spouse, if it’s difficult to balance family life and entrepreneurship, and the answer is YES to all questions! It is difficult, but it is also rewarding, fun and adventurous. Time will pass whether we go after what we want or not, so why not just GO FOR IT? Speaking of just going for it, Kallie Shoes will make its first donation to a shelter in Long Island, NY this month! Do I have to say how excited and proud I am? I didn’t think so! Our mission to donate a free pair of shoes for every pair sold to women in USA shelters is really taking off! This will be possible because of customers like you who believe in our products and the Kallie Shoes mission! This project is certainly coming a long way, and we hope we can count with your support in days, months, and years to come! To learn more just visit us here  http://www.kallieshoes.com/giveback-s/1820.htm Make it a great week, and I’ll catch up with you all soon! -N

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