Knowledge is Power! Is that really true?

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Volume #380   /   March 2, 2015. By Barry Gottlieb, Author, Speaker, Trusted Advisor
Knowledge is power!
Is that really true?
In today's world, we have access to almost unlimited amounts of information with the touch of a keypad. You can find out about almost anything or anybody in just a few brief moments. The internet has made all of this possible, and with companies like Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter and many others, we have access to an abundance of real time information.
Does all this knowledge give us power? I believe most people would agree that it does. In my opinion though, they are only partially correct. I believe that knowledge, in and of itself, has very little power. In order for knowledge to give us power, we must "apply" it.
Let me give you a glaring example of what I mean. We all know that cigarette smoking can and probably will kill us. Even with this knowledge, some people continue to smoke. You are probably thinking that it is a very hard habit to break and that is why most people don't quit. But what about all the people who have never smoked, and decide to start?
Here are two other examples. People spend billions of dollars every year on diet solutions to lose weight. Why aren't they getting the results they desire? What about business and self improvement seminars? Most of the information people learn at those seminars and in those CD's and books is never applied.
The knowledge is there; make no mistake about that. The question is, does it really give us power if we don't use it? True power comes from the choices we make, and having the positive self discipline to apply the knowledge consistently until it becomes a part of our character.
I read a great article from Darren Hardy, the publisher of Success Magazine. I would like to share an except from it with you...
Are you an Askhole? Someone who continually asks for advice and does nothing with it.
Let’s find out… Are you looking for new ideas to improve your success? Okay, good, nothing wrong with that. I’m glad you are here. But, what did you do with the last 151 DarrenDailys I gave you? Did you implement those? Have you applied, improved on and mastered those ideas? Are you coming here this morning standing on the shoulders of those applied ideas, now hungry for the next idea to level up your success further? If not, then maybe, just maybe you ARE an askhole. You don’t need another idea when you didn’t do anything with the last one I gave you. Action for today: Instead of giving you a new idea, here’s what I suggest you do: Go back over the last four weeks, thus 20 ideas, and pick one to actually ACT on - today. Look, I understand, we all get busy. We all intend to do something and then sh!t happens. I get it, happens to me too. That is why I am suggesting you take this time to go back and collect up what you might have left behind. Now bring it forth into the present and DO something with it. This is important because seeking more advice, input and ideas and feeling satisfied with the “seeking” and forgetting the doing can become a disease with a bad reputation - yeah, it makes you an askhole. You don’t want that, and I don’t want that.
Remember... Every day is a gift, and the quality of your life is your gift to yourself.

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