This Military Child LOVES to be LIKED! Two clicks only...

Roman the Warrior Imagine a day when the best news you have is this, “YOU ARE GOING HOME BUDDY! TODAY IS YOUR LAST LUMBAR PUNCTURE IV CHEMO.” This is what this strong military child and warrior experienced on September 23rd, 2015. Roman the Warrior has been fighting cancer for three years. I came across his story through a Facebook page called Courage for Katie , she is another military child fighting cancer, and kicking cancer’s butt by the way!While I’ve never met these two families, I noticed that we have friends in common; yes, the military is that small! Katie’s Mom suggested following and “liking” Roman’s page, which I did to follow his progress too. See, as a mother of two, I can’t turn a blind eye on chronic and life threatening diseases because we deal with one here at home (maybe one day, I will be ready to share that side of my life with you all). So, fast forward… I sent a Facebook message to Roman’s Mom, and she was very excited that I wanted to share their story on our blog. One thing that I do want to share is, Roman’s Marine dad found out about his son’s diagnoses on the day he came home from his deployment. This family has been through so much, and yet they find a way to remain positive and show us all what strength, faith, and resiliency is all about. I am sharing this in hopes that you will use two clicks of your day to LIKE this picture on Roman’s Facebook page. Roman’s wish is to have 1,000 likes by October 1st. So, can we help him? Just click HERE to like the picture directly on this Facebook page. Happy Monday everyone & don’t forget to make it a great week! Miracles happen every day, just head over to Roman the Warrior’s page and you will see what I am talking about. XX -N

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