My friendship with a homeless veteran- A forgotten human of the USA.

Mr. John It was the 4th of July timeframe when my two daughters (ages 3 and 8) were driving around and we met a new friend. Our friend’s name is Mr. John, and he is a homeless Army veteran. He was pushing his shopping cart on a busy road by our house. It was the the 4th of July weekend, and his cart was decorated with 5 American flags. Taking statistics into consideration, and the five American flags, I decided to stop the car and ask him if he was a veteran. Mr. John answered “yes ma’am.” We started talking, and he told me a bit about him. I was coming from the grocery store, and I offered to give him food but he politely declined. We talked about his family, his time when he was drafted and served in the Army. I asked probably 10 times if there was any way for us to help him but his answer was the same "no ma'am I'm positive, God always provides." I've prayed for him since I met him because it bothers me so much that veterans live under those conditions. It bothers me so much that our veterans have given so much for us, and many are forgotten. Many veterans struggle to make it on a daily basis, many feel so disappointed in the system that they prefer to live under the same circumstances as Mr. John. [caption id="attachment_303" align="alignnone" width="274"]IMG_0327 Mr. John's decorated shopping cart.[/caption] My daughters and I have continued to see him from time to time, sometimes we drive around looking for him to see if he needs anything. However, when we get to see him and talk to him; his answer is always the same “I am fine, God always provides.” Mr. John is now someone my daughters and I look forward seeing, my girls don’t hesitate to say hi and they often ask about him. When I’ve asked what my family and I can do for him, he’s said “just be my friend, and pray for me, that’s all you can do.” I am sharing this story in hopes that maybe one day you will be a friend to someone like Mr. John, someone who fought for our freedom, for our country, a country where his face and story goes unnoticed. As we fast approach the holidays, please take a few minutes or seconds to think and/or pray for our veterans, here at home and abroad. XX   -N    

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