Help us DONATE shoes to women in shelters...

Tis the season! If you've never heard of Kallie Shoes, then you probably don't know that for every pair of shoes sold, we donate one to women in US shelters. Kallie Shoes is a Not-Just-For-Profit-Company, and while we want to continue to be successful, our company also strives to make a difference in our society.  How? We donate a percentage of our profits to wounded veterans of the Semper Fi Fund, and we also donate free pairs of shoes to women in shelters here in the United States. So, why not help Kallie Shoes achieve its mission to donate an extra 40 pairs of shoes this holiday season? The winter is fast approaching, and we're hoping to help some of these ladies stay warm with winter shoes. You can help us achieve our mission by shopping at In return for your generosity, we will give you a 15% OFF on this purchase + FREE shipping. Just enter the code "WINTER" at checkout, the discount will be applied. Gift certificates are available. This offer is valid for the rest of 2015.                                                Every purchase counts 

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