FAQs- Get to know us a little bit more!

FAQs- Get to know us a little bit more!

FAQs- Get to know us a little bit more!

As of June 2020, Kallie & Co., has been in business for SIX years. June 2nd is our birthday! During this time, we have gone through so many changes, and it’s normal for people to get curious about certain aspects of our company.

We have detailed the most common questions we get asked. This will also give you an overview of where we are, and where we are headed next!


-        What is Kallie & Co? We are definitely a footwear company, but we are actually more than that. Our company does not only strive to provide comfortable and stylish shoes. At Kallie & Co., we believe in the importance of delivering cruelty-free, and ethical products to our customers. Part of our mission is to empower other women with our brand by sharing stories of women of strength, by making shoe donations to women in need. We will encourage and motivate you in our social media channels too! Make sure to stop by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest and find us. Username @kallieusa


-        How did Kallie & Co. get started? Nadia, our founder and her family were stationed in Beaufort, SC. As a Military spouse she knew that relocating often would bring a set of challenges when it comes to finding a job. This was one of the biggest factors in launching this business. From South Carolina, the family relocated to Long Island, New York for another three years, and they have now settled in Orange County, CA. 


-        Does Kallie & Co. employee only Military Spouses? No. Over these past five years, Kallie & Co. has gone from hiring only Military spouses to hiring women of diverse backgrounds, including Military Spouses. As of today, we are a small team of five women in the United States and growing. Our production team in Mexico is also a small team of 8.


-        Why do you carry limited designs? This is perhaps the most common question we get. We are proud supporters of Fair Trade, Cruelty-Free practices but also Slow Fashion. The most common trend you see is fast fashion, and that’s where fashion brands and businesses worldwide release 52 micro-seasons a year. At Kallie & Co., we limit ourselves to very few designs as a way to raise awareness about the slow fashion industry. This is the main reason why we carry only limited products.

We would love for you to buy every single pair of shoes we carry; however, we would rather give you a reason NOT to buy shoes very often…Quality. Our shoes are made to last, that doesn’t mean we will experience quality issues sometimes, and whenever that happens, we are happy to replace the product.  As of right now, we carry four different designs in different colors and prints. We will be removing the t-shirts shortly from our inventory, and we’ll replace them with new shoe designs!


-        What does the word Kallie mean? The name of the brand is the result of combining our founder’s daughters name: Kasy & Allie. That’s where the inspiration comes from!


-        Where are your shoes made? They are made in Veracruz Mexico.


-        What does Not-Just-For-Profit means? Kallie & Co. is a not-just-for-profit company. It’s a term our founder Nadia adopted from Daniel Lubetzky, founder of KIND Bars. Nadia met Mr. Lubetzky in Orlando, FL at the Inc. 5000 Conference back in 2015. The idea behind this business model is that we certainly care about profits, as this is what allows us to remain in business. However, we strive to make an impact as a social company. The biggest way we have to make impact is through our donations. We have partnered with several non-profits here in the United States and a two more in Africa. We have donated shoes to women in need from different backgrounds; for example, women veterans, victims of human trafficking, teenage homeless mothers.


-        What does cruelty-free/vegan/ethical brand mean? Cruelty-free & vegan mean that no animals were harmed in the manufacturing of our products. None of the materials we use come from animals. To our team, ethical means doing what is right; not only for the environment but also in the treatment of our team.


-        What are your shoes made out of? This is another common question we get. Up until now, our shoes have been made out of recycled synthetic materials mixed with natural materials such as cotton. As of May 2019, we are transitioning any new production to an organic outer sole, and certified organic textiles.  As a small business, we have managed to grow and have done our best to transition to more sustainable materials without compromising our current prices.


-        Do you have a store front? No, we don’t! It is not our goal to open a storefront at this moment. Our shoes can only be found at kallieusa.com.


-        How do you connect with non-profits? We normally ask our customers or social media followers to connect us with a non-profit of their choice. This helps us to learn more about a variety of non-profits that can benefit from our products.


-        Do your shoes fit true size? So, because our shoes are handmade, they can vary in sizing by about ½ a number. If you’ve bought from us, you know that by now. We normally recommend sizing up by ½ number for more comfort. Our shoes are standard width, if you are looking for a wider fit, we recommend sizing up.


-        How soon can you ship my order? If your shoes are in stock, we will ship within 24-48 hours Monday-Friday. If your shoes are in pre-order or backorder, please allow us 2-4 weeks for delivery. Your shipping cost will be reimbursed.


-        Do you accept returns/exchanges? Yes! You may exchange your order free of charge. To request a refund approval, please visit our Returns Center: https://kallieusa.returnscenter.com/


-        How much is shipping? Shipping as of June 2020 is FREE!  


-        Do you accept back-orders? We do! Back-orders normally take 2-4 weeks for delivery. 


-        Can I order wholesale amounts? Yes! You can inquire about our Wholesale program by visiting our Shopify Handshake website: https://www.handshake.com/supplier/kallie-co/


-        Do you ship internationally? At this time, Kallie & Co., ships in the United States & Canada, EU only. If you would like to receive a shipping quote to another country, please email us at hello@kallieusa.com

-        Do you offer custom sizes? We currently carry sizes 5-11 US Women. The smallest size we can make is a size 4 US Women, and the biggest is 12 US Women. 


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