Fast Fashion & the "Micro-Seasons"

Fast Fashion & the "Micro-Seasons"

Fast Fashion & the "Micro-Seasons"


Yep, a massive 52. That’s how many micro-seasons fast fashion releases a YEAR!

Do you know what that means? It means that on a weekly basis consumers get hit with a new season.

The results? Consumers get the itch to buy and buy and buy. The biggest catch here is what not all clothes are made equal, that’s the saddest truth. You probably shop thinking your clothes will last, and within a couple of weeks your new garments are falling apart. Do you know why? I’m so glad you asked. That’s because they are designed to be that way; they are designed to last so little that you’ll end up back in the store buying more and more.


This is the primary and only reason why at Kallie & Co., we carry limited designs, VERY limited designs. We would love for you to shop from us, but our goal isn’t for you to buy from us every week or every month. Our goal is to show you a new design and show you a new one a year later. We do have customers that shop from us more than once, but on average nobody buys more than 3-4x. The reason behind it is that our styles are the same just available in multiple colors. All of this is done with slow fashion in mind.


Now, stay tuned…Our new organic designs are in the making, available for purchase this upcoming fall! 




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