#GivingTuesdayMilitary 🇺🇸  3rd Battalion 1st Marines Association.

#GivingTuesdayMilitary 🇺🇸 3rd Battalion 1st Marines Association.

#GivingTuesdayMilitary 🇺🇸 3rd Battalion 1st Marines Association.

 This Giving Tuesday, Kallie & Co., is proud to participate with a $1,000 donation to the 3rd Battalion 1st Marines Association. https://3rdbattalion1stmarinesassociation.com/


The 3rd Battalion 1st Marines Association is dedicated to  “Bringing past, present, and future generations of Thundering Third Marines, Sailors, and Gold Star Families to honor and remember those who gave all for their country and to preserve our battalion’s brotherhood and family.


This association has a personal connection to my family and I, as that was my husband’s first unit right after joining the Marine Corps. He was only 20 years old on his first deployment to Iraq. Throughout his time in the Marines, my husband’s connection to this 3/1 Brothers never went away. 3/1 was a constant term that you could hear at home. As he retired from the Marine Corps, his connection to his brothers remains there. He’s found his “other home” in the 3/1 Association, their reunions and mission.


This association has become a place where men like my husband can go back to and reconnect with their service, their buddies, and for some it’s the door to grief and closure of the losses they experienced while serving with their unit.  


As a family member, I find comfort in knowing that this association provides a safe place for him to talk to others about things that perhaps we will never hear at home.


To learn more about the 3rd Battalion 1st Marines Association, please visit their website and I encourage you to make a donation on this Giving Tuesday! https://3rdbattalion1stmarinesassociation.com/


Here are some excellent articles about the bravery of the 3/1 Marines over the decades of service to our country.








With so much gratitude,


 Kallie & Co. Founder

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