Belle Flat -Vegan |Fair Trade


Made from ethically sourced, high quality sustainable materials, the Belle Vegan Flats are as eco-friendly as they are gorgeous. Don’t’ be fooled by its unassuming nature, these simple, minimalistic flats makes the perfect go-to shoe for any occasion. The fabric is ultra-soft and stretchable, making it a comfortable daily wear that seamlessly contours to the shape of your feet, giving you that oh-socomfortable walking experience. All Kallie & Co. products are carefully crafted. As part of our commitment to sustainability, every effort is made to ensure we source from cruelty-free materials and fair trade practices.

🌎100% fair trade

✅ethically sourced 

 🤝Artisan handcrafted in Mexico

🐰Cruelty-free and vegan

♻️Made out of recycled man-made materials. 

Standard width. New production batch fits true size. 


The Belle flats are made from high-grade materials for ultimate comfort. They're guaranteed to become your go-to pair of shoes.