Clementine - Fair Trade|Vegan|Ethically Source Flat


No matter the time of year, bringing a nice pop of color into your outfit is always a good idea – especially with a statement shoe. Our Clementine Flats are designed to do just that! Bright, vibrant, and bold in their choice of color, but subtle and delicate in their handmade nature, these beautiful shoes are always a great choice. Made from 100% vegan, fair trade, and ethically sourced materials, these beautiful shoes are cruelty-free and stylish all at the same time.

With every detail, from the stitched faux leather buckle along the front to the gold studs along with the heels, you’ll find that handcrafted touch that warms your heart. Perfect for dressing up with your professional clothes or dressing down with a casual outfit.

🌎 100% fair trade

✅ Ethically sourced

🤝 Artisan handcrafted in Mexico

🐰 Cruelty-free and vegan

♻️ Made out of recycled man-made materials.